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If to compare, it really reminds acquaintance through the Internet, online. On the one hand, there are citizens who, like in their acquaintance, hide their real identity. And on the other hand waiting shadow creditors-predators, poor creditors who openly and with impunity profit from inexperienced borrowers. And how to find an honest and responsible lender among this sea of ​​real sharks? How do you know that this service is right for you?

Before we show more or less acceptable options for taking

cash online

, take a look at some of the worst options that just rob you. You really cannot quickly get rid of debt when dealing with:

They offer short-term, fast cash loans, which on average are issued for up to a maximum of two weeks. Such a quick financial solution might seem good and inexpensive, but in reality these loans are simply terrible. Particularly terrible are their annual interest of at least four hundred! Loans to pay are specially made so that they are paid off at once by one payment. And this is sometimes very difficult to implement for those who take money here. Very many citizens have to constantly extend (which, incidentally, also paid) their credit obligations again, luring themselves into the trap of a continuous debt cycle. It turns out that such products are not short-lived and much more expensive than it seems at first!

  • Creditors on the security of property
  • Loans

    Remember all that we mentioned above fix and add there also the loss of your property (most likely, it will be your car). The result is a picture of a loan with a pledge of property. Here you are waiting for monthly, pseudo short-term loans with an average interest rate of twenty-five percent. A year again, three hundred percent! Since these loans are secured by a rather large deposit in the form of valuable property, you can get a large amount, but there will be nothing to give it. In this case, the creditor simply selects your property, appropriating it for your debt. In fact, one out of every five clients of such organizations, in the long run, is deprived of its own transport or other value. Think about whether you should give someone the opportunity to select your car?

    Well, now that we have taken these really bad guys out of the way, we can look at several other types of personal loan financing, which we recommend to use and choose after the comparison presented above:

  • Long-term personal loans
  • Such lending institutions offer

    long-term loans with installment payments

    . In this case, payments are broken for a minimum of six months. Loans are designed so that payments on them are carried out by a series of equal, regular repayments. In this case, this monthly payment includes interest, and the principal, the amount you took. Acquaintance with them is distinguished by calmness, favorite TV series, homemade food prepared at home, and visits to antique shops on weekends. We are just the same service of this type of personal financing, and our interest rates range from 70 to 125%. Agree, this is much less than 300%. And, by the way, this last part does not apply to all creditors. If you take a loan with installment repayment, be sure to find out all the details and the conditions offered.

  • Credit Unions
  • Guaranteed approval

    These creditors work in the same way as traditional banks, only they are non-profit membership organizations. Such organizations have slightly different requirements than banks. Getting a membership right depends on where you work or live, or even on where you are visiting the church. This is an alternative option, allowing you to consider it as optimal. The amount of the payments is from $ 200 to $ 1000. Interest is limited to twenty-eight percent, and the time for cash is from one to six months. This can be called a less profitable transaction! However, you must be a member of the union for at least one month, before you get the right to take one of the proposed. Credit unions are a great solution, but they are very picky.

  • Charitable institutions and community organizations
  • If you have taken advantage of a

    bad cash

    option and need help, the local charity in your area can help. Many of these institutions have their own lending programs for small amounts with reasonable rates. This helps fight predatory lenders in small communities. Some even offer financial and legal counseling services that can help you gain certain knowledge to improve your financial habits and build your budget without loans. This will teach you to take more responsible decisions, as any sensible citizen should do.

    We all know that people sometimes need financial help. The main thing is not to run into predators and come to a choice of reliable, honest, financial institutions that pay attention not only to their own interests, but also to yours.