Happy financial friday!

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Due to the increasing number of cities and states that have begun to introduce more stringent requirements for loans before payday, criminal banking practices began to come to light, and socially responsible official loan providers became the main beneficiaries of this. This week was really very difficult and stressful.

In OppLoans, we constantly try to provide maximum coverage of such things and talk about the problem that has arisen and how to solve it. Because for us nothing is as meaningful as helping you and all citizens avoid very big, oghful lenders with their poor financial products. Until now, the payday credit product and personal finance remain in the first place in the newspapers, so this was another week of big news.

Don't forget to see and read all our fascinating news and stories that we published specifically for you. We put one of the favorites at the top (loudly say that this is socially responsible lending!) Along with useful financial advice and articles for your pleasure. Happy financial friday!

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We offer our ten best personal financial stories this week:

  • Foundation MacArthur: just announced a grant for geniuses for 2016 and and one of them caused our interest more than the other nominees. A. Kignone founded the special Foundation Mission, which was located in the beautiful US city SF, to facilitate lending to unreached communities, helping people create credit history from the start. It's ... oh, what a word ... genius!

  • New York Times: Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren isn’t happy with Wells Fargo.

  • Cosmopolitan: Conducting weddings is very expensive, we present 19 different ways that will help save money when celebrating this special day.

  • Telegraph-Forum: This article examines the effect of the proposed CFBB's Ohio bill concerning the issuance of loans to paychecks.

  • Credit.com: How much debt on a student loan can affect the possibility of obtaining a loan for the purchase of real estate?

  • NerdWallet: Do you have bad credit? Let the financial expert explain how you can restore it.

  • Forbes: Retirement can take place earlier than you think. Here are three methods, which help to save money that will help in your golden years.

  • Yahoo! News: Holidays are on. Do you have money for gifts? If the answer is no, then pay attention to some ways with which you can save.

  • Huffington Post: Entrepreneurs are known for their frugality, but look again at some ways to make sure that you are really effectively manage your financial situation.

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